Monday, October 4, 2010

gossip girl in prague

So, the season three finale ended in Prague, Czech Republic. I was super excited to see such a popular show use Prague as it's backdrop (since I lived there for 2 years as a student), but it's funny how inaccurately they portrayed the city.. Chuck gets mugged and shot in Prague, after spending a short time there.. while Chuck and the rest of the cast live in Manhattan or Brooklyn where the crime rate is much higher, yet nothing bad ever happens there. I will let this one slide, since most of the rest of the show is accurate in what it does. It is just and a bit frustrating that Prague gets a bad rap because in all reality, there is a very low rate of crime, especially violent crime in Prague. I was the victim of a crime once there, but I was pickpocketed, which is very common all over Europe, but it is a nonviolent crime. Most criminals aren't as abrasive or aggressive as they are in the United States.

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